Case studies
Persona Led Performance Marketing
Using Persona Led Performance Marketing to close book values

Hacking growth for ICICI Bank through persona led performance marketing strategy, Wolfzhowl breaks parity to close book values


CLIENT ASK: To drive the 3 months+ baby’s mother to check with her paediatrician about the need for an influenza Vaccine for her baby.

Brand Purpose for Profitability of a Hospitality Brand

People often confuse Brand Purpose for ‘social service’. They do not think that brands can be profitable if they have a brand purpose.

Creative dissonance device crafted by Wolfzhowl called Thyroweight so that thyroid weight gain enters the weight gain conversation
Changing Pharma Marketing And Increasing Uptake Of Thyroid Tests For ABBOTT

To get people to recognise the symptoms and test for thyroid disorder. Abbott wanted to make thyroid testing the first line of intervention for addressing any kind of weight gain.

Increasing profitability through Brand Purpose

Earlier a part of the Haldiram’s family, Bikaji split and stayed back in Bikaner offering hyperlocal snacks which were popular in Rajasthan, UP and MP. Bikaji wanted to go national.

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