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A Strategic Behaviour Change Consultancy For Brands

About Wolfzhowl
We are a behaviour change strategy consultancy that works across the brand’s eco-system. We have helped marketing, sales, human resources, digital sales teams, new product innovation,etc
We have worked across
Brands across India, SE Asia
Since 2012
Wolf Services
(What we can do for you)
Impacting behaviour change across the function of a brand’s ecosystem with our end to end services
Brand Creation
  • Brand Purpose and Strategy
  • Brand Identity and Architecture
  • Brand Portfolio Architecture
  • Brand Book / Style Guidelines
  • Wolfsight – Consumer Research (Qual)
Brand Culture
  • Brand Culture identification & activation
  • Embedding Purpose in employees & partners
  • Leadership Branding & Engagement
  • Brand Creative Development & Execution
  • Integrated Campaign Strategy
  • Digital First Consumer Engagement
  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Integrated strategic Digital first PR Services
  • Ethnic Marketing/Diaspora Marketing
  • Hyper-local Marketing
Brand led Business
  • Persona Led Performance Marketing
  • Persona Led Retail customer satisfaction Strategy
  • Sales Force & Employee – Customer / Consumer Empathy Creation

Wolf Tools
(our IPs and Tools)
Models and frameworks

Behavior Adoption And Advocacy Model
A scientific funnel for behavior change adoption and advocacy, this model has been successfully deployed across Automobile, Pharma and BFSI industries. It handholds the customers and consumers through the lifecycle of behaviour change and is used to continuously track behaviour change.
Designed specifically for retail and shopper marketing, this tool helps in driving shopper footfalls from within immediate catchments areas to drive bigger tickets and ticket sizes on the retail shop floor. This is done via understanding shopper behaviour within store, within the mall it is located in and the nearby residential catchment areas and even transit traffic.
When culture almost becomes an operating system which rejects adoption of any different from the norm concept, it creates a hypnotic hold on society and people. In order to break this hypnotic hold, we at Wolfzhowl have crafted a Hypnosis Model that either uses culture to counter culture or creates counter-culture in order to fight the hypnotic hold.
We exist to craft deeper, more meaningful and mutually profitable relationships between brands and their people.