The DNA and culture that drives us


wolves operating systems
    • Our child-like enthusiasm for decoding culture
    • Inability to stop ourselves from connecting the dots
    • Passion for uncovering patterns
    • Ambi-dexterity between the literal & the lateral
    • Our hunger for conversations with humans (consumers, KOLs, Influencers, Clients, Economists, Politicians, etc) helps us remain outcome focused
    • Our insatiable curiosity while observing human behaviour
    • Our passion for data
    • Greedy gratification of seeing new behaviours triggered
Training our wolves

Better trained wolves = Better outcomes for brands

Knowledge Cell

A specific cell which mines data, culture, consumer, media etc. and exists only for the wolves as a way of making them richer so that they can offer our brands richer outputs


An ethnographic approach that indexes Wolfzhowl’s attempt to understand people, social opinions, cultures and conventions without the trappings of conventional research tools.

Wolf Up

An initiative by Wolfzhowl to upskill its wolves with a gamut of skills required to enable behavioural change by learning about diverse disciplines like arts, technology, culture, anthropology, economics, film making etc.